When I got married to my AMAZING Hubby… The small town we moved to had NOWHERE to shop!


I always dreamt of owning my own salon & that dream lead to bigger & better things.  That’s where Radiant Boutique and Salon comes in..


It gives me an opportunity to serve & support other Women. I love to shop and now I have the privilege of being a personal stylist for so many Beautiful Ladies! My goal is to make a place where ALL women always feel welcomed and confident.


I was the insecure plus size Mom lacking self-confidence in myself.  I lost the weight and gained a new level of self-respect and finally felt comfortable in my own skin!  But there has always been a soft spot for women in my heart who felt the way I used to.  My job is to pick out amazing self-image boosting outfits that bring shine, sparkle, and a little flair to every woman. I have been many sizes… that helps me understand what looks good on you... no matter what your size is. 


I take extra care and time picking out every single piece so that together we can pull off the perfect look just for you.  I literally can style you from head to toe… Hair, Outfit, Accessories, and Shoes!  My motto is:


Wear it. Feel it. Be it.



With Loveđź’™

Founder & Proud Texan

Kellie Eckl


Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions to my email